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If you are a passionate climber, then you have to experience the striking red rock, which stands tall in Arcadia. Leonidio is considered to be the “it” place for rock climbing in Greece and the region is evolving to become one of the biggest climbing zones of Europe. The high quality of limestone leads the way for hundreds of fields and thousands of new routes. Just picture it, you can have more than you ever imagined for a truly intense experience.

Field of Action:
There are 130 routes (sectors 5a and 8b) at your disposal in the area of Leonidio and this number is continuously increasing. There are a lot of points for bouldering and if you take the ideal climate under consideration, there’s no doubt why the sectors of Leonidio keep inviting more and more climbers. Some fields are south oriented and others are north oriented, which address different wants and need. Plus, most of the rocks are located a few kilometers from the beach and are directed toward the mountain.

Take the Athens-Tripoli National Road and follow the signs to Argos, then to Astros, and finally to Leonidio

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