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Mani is full of history, sun and stone. A place wild and untamed. A land of tower houses, castles, ancient sites, Byzantine chapels, beautiful beaches and spectacular caves in the Peloponnese

Dry, bare and rugged. Mani is the land of the prickly pear, bristling with forbidding tower houses, stone villages, Byzantine chapels, delightful coves and astonishing caves. The people here are frugal and close-knit, still adhering to centuries-old bloodlines and family ties.

Barricaded behind the crags of Mount Taygetos and ready for battle, the Maniots developed a powerful sense of autonomy, answerable to no one. What you see today is only what they consider permissible. But you’ll be overwhelmed with images of authentic Greece because here, in this far corner of the Peloponnese, everything is dramatic and bewitching.

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