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Marina of Gytheio

The marina of Gytheio is located between Vasileos Pavlou Street and the provincial road that connects Gytheio to Mysini. It has a maximum draught of 6 meters, a muddy bottom and provides strong, secure mooring. It offers protection from the northwestern winds and there is water at the dock. You can get fuel from a truck that comes to supply, crane services and electricity. Moreover, nearby there is a drug store, a laundry and a scuba diving service, as well as commercial stores, gas stations, banks, bars and restaurants. Near the port you can find a shipping dock for repairing and maintenance of cruisers. Gytheio is the main city of Mani where you can visit Areopolis, Neapoli and Elafonisos, Sparta and Mystras. At the port of Gytheio the ferry from Piraeus moors that links southern Peloponnese, Kithira and Kasteli of Crete, but also the ferry from Neapoli, Elafonisos and Kithira.

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