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Boats larger than 20 m should be docked at the commercial port of Corinth. In this case you will have to communicate with the Port Authority of Corinth in channels VHF ch12, ch16. As far as the docking is concerned, you should remember two factors: a) very powerful gusts of wind are created at this part of the Corinthian Gulf when northeastern wind blows b) the western winds create swells, but once you enter the jetty there is no problem.

Generally, the marina of Corinth provides excellent protection with a muddy seabed. The external port is considered to be dangerous when with strong northeastern winds. There is a water tank at the dock and the city provides fuels upon request. Moreover, in the city of Corinth you can find repair shops and supplies of every kind. When it comes to food selection, the city offers a great variety of choices.

The marina of Kiato is located on the eastern side of the city and the main characteristic of the port is the temple of Metamorfosi Sotiros, the city’s Cathedral. The marina is usually occupied by the local residents but smaller boats can easier find a place to dock, although you will need to communicate with the local port authorities first. It offers good protection from the eastern and northeastern winds, while water is provided at the dock and fuels upon request. You can find supplies and services in the city, and a variety of food choices

There is a small marina at the eastern end Xylokastro. It has a slightly narrow entrance and it consists of two parts, and it is more likely to find a spot to dock at the internal part. It also has a good dock and offers a satisfactory protection, with the city only 5 minutes away, so you can easily get food supplies.


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