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The peninsula of Methana, crammed in the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, impresses the visitor with its many monuments of matchless charm. There are ancient sights and byzantine churches everywhere, showing the long and important history of this place. Paleokastro, Throne, Magoula, Nissaki Agion Anargiron , Steno, the hill of St. Constantinos , the port, every place reveals the significant history. We should not forget, that in this beautiful land there are also other sights of exquisite grace and importance, like the “cave of the pigeons”, the volcanic craters and of course the world famous spa complex.

Crossing Steno, the strip of land that joins the peninsula of Methana and Peloponnese, the visitor feels like following mystical footsteps and paths to an ancient history. This volcanic peninsula has a long and deep story, starting ages back, indisputably proven step by step. Findings show that this exact place has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age (5000 B.C). On the way up the hill of Paleokastro, near Vathi, stand the remains of the classical walls and gates of the acropolis, a fact that verifies the belief that this place has been inhabited continuously for many years. Furthermore, ruins of the ancient town are preserved under the sea surface. Classical and archaic fortification remains are also preserved at a location called Nissaki Agion Anargiron. One of the most important archeological sites can be spotted at the hill of St. Constantinos , where a settlement of the Mycenaean age was discovered, offering knowledge and information about the art and the religion of ancient Mycenaeans. It was also a place of worship, possibly dedicated to Poseidon. Many other scattered monuments are preserved, like in Throni, a tower that dates back to the 4th century and ruins of a 3rd century B.C. oil factory. In Steno is Favieros’ Castle, a medieval castle with 4 small towers. There are also parts of the walls of Nikias, that were built and date back to the era of the Peloponnesian war (425 B.C.). Furthermore, at the port of Methana the traveler can see vestiges of the famous Cyclopean walls. In Magoula, west of a location called Agios Nikolaos Paleon Loutron and on the rise of Oga ruins of a classical fortress and of an ancient temple can be found. Apart from all these, there are other locations and places where there are remains of archeological findings and sites, country churches and byzantine temples which create an ideal environment for devoutness and calmness.
Apart from its long history, Methana is also known worldwide for the volcano that once erupted there. In total there are 33 volcanic craters, the greater of which is in Kameni Hora. This crater is 100m wide, 50m deep and stands 425m above sea level. According to Strabo, Pausanias and Ovid, the last eruption of the volcano dates back to the years between 276 and 239 B.C. Since then the volcano remains inactive.
Passing through Kameni Hora and all the way down to the fishing village of Agios Georgios the visitor sees the magnificent “concrete ship” of the German army during the 2nd World War. The “cave of pigeons” also causes awe and admiration as it was discovered in 1973 and it consists of three halls filled with water.
We should not forget to mention the spa complex of Methana. Thousands of visitors from all over the globe arrive here every year in order to find the cure to various diseases. This sulphurous and chlorinated spa complex has been known since the ancient years. The celebrated Baths of Pausanias, one of the 6 spas of the area that were actually on the shore were believed to be in this specific location. At first, the visitors would get into big holes and the curative water would flow into the holes directly from the springs. Its organized use began in 1870, while the running of the first public hydrotherapy spa started in 1930. At present, the renovated hydrotherapy spa with the small deep blue lake and the pungent odor of sulphur welcomes every visitor and tired traveler to picturesque Methana.


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