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Mougosto forest extends behind the vineyards of Souli village, on the way to the mountain villages of the municipality of Sikyonion (Kiato and Pheneos). A few kilometers farther up, is “Houni”, the gorge where the roads of the municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini meet the roads of Sikyonion municipality. The unique oak forest of Mougosto extends on the plateau located to the northeast.

Mougosto forest has been declared “Aesthetic” by a Presidential Decree in 1977. It covers 7.185 acres in total and extends over two municipalities, Xylokastro-Evrostini and Sykionion. It is a natural coppice woodland made by ecological progression, in other words a self-created oak forest. The forest grows on a slope in the foothills of mount Cyllene (Ziria) – with a slope gradient of 3%-20%- and it is east oriented. It belongs to the paramediterranean vegetation zone. The aesthetical forest of Mougosto is composed of oaks, aleppo pines, black pines, greek firs, kermes oaks, broad-leaved phyllireas, junipers, judas trees and the typical strawberry trees (arbutus unedo and arbutus andrachne). In August 1998, the first and only meteorological tower in Greece was installed in the forest within the framework of the MEDEFLU research project (Mediterrenean Ecosystem Fluxes). It operates under the supervision of the Agricultural University of Athens.


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