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Vamvakou – Mountain shelter of Parnon– Megali Tourla–Malevi Monastery
The marked path begins from Vamvakou, at an elevation of 960 meters, on the slopes of mount Parnon, and after a two hour walk, it leads to the mountain shelter of Parnon, at an elevation of 1450 meters. From the shelter, the path crosses the forest road and meets the marked route that leads to the summit of Megali Tourla, the highest summit of mount Parnon, 1935 meters above sea level. The route initially goes down, passes by a spring and a gorge and then climbs until the end of the forest road. It meets the path that leads to Kampos plateau and then after a half hour walk to the top of the mountain. The route is 9.5 kilometers long and the climbing lasts 4 hours in total. Climbing to the north, the path passes by the church of Prohete Elijas and through the main roads and various paths, continues to the northwest until the monastery of Malevi near the village Agios Petros.

Tsintzina – Saint Anargyroi Monastery
The route starts from the village Tsintzina, at an elevation of 1000 meters on the slopes of mount Parnon and continues to the gorge, along the marked path with the blue triangular sign. It’s a circular route of 4.5 kilometers that lasts one and a half hours. On the way back we take the path marked with blue rectangular signs.

Tsintzina – Meganaelias – Psaris ridge
The route consists of crossing the south ridge of mount Parnon. The path starts at Tsintzina village (at an elevation of 1000 meters) it follows the red triangular signs. After the main road, it continues to the path that leads to the country church of Prophete Elijas. From that point it climbs up to Meganaelias, the second highest summit on the north of Parnon, at an elevation of 1780 meters. From Meganaelias, it goes up to the northeast to Psaris ridge, the highest summit of the south side of Parnon, at an elevation of 1839 meters. The route is 10.6 kilometers long and it lasts in total 4 hours.

Lagada Climbing Park
The European Protection, Management and Moderate Tourist Development program set up a climbing sports park in the Lagada region, of mount Taygetus. It contains more than 50 routes developed in four levels and move on slates. All the routes are sufficiently equipped with 10mm stainless stoppers. The return is possible through rappel. The routes are meant for experienced climbers. The area is located a few kilometers after the settlement of Trypi. Mid-May until mid-October are considered the period for climbing.

Information: Hellenic Climbing Association of Sparti, Gortsoglou 97, 231 00 Sparti, tel/fax: 27310 22574


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