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Mystras – Taygeti – Monastery of Faneromeni
At an elevation of 320 meters, where the stone path south to Mystras begins, we go up to village of Taygeti at an altitude of 700 meters. The route is 2.5 kilometers long and lasts one hour. Another path starts at the entrance of the village, which is decorated with a large spring. This path passes from the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (Our Life Giving Lady), Sela on the slopes of Kserovouna, Perganteika and after two hours of trekking it ends at the Monastery of Faneromeni. Other paths pass through the Monastery, while the European path E4 continuous from here its route to the mountain shelter of Taygetus.

Parori – country church of Our Lady Lagadiotissa–Monastery of Our Lady Zagouna – Monastery of Faneromeni (one text)

A small impressive gorge that can be crossed through an old stone path is located past the village of Parori. The route is very easy and it offers a great view of the Laconia region. 15 minutes later, the path passes by the cave monastery of Our Lady Lagadiotissa, and continues to the impressive slopes and the rough cliffs of the gorge (25 minutes). From that point on the path follows the slopes of Agios Elissaios, passes by the deserted monastery of Our Lady Zagouna, built in a large cave, and after 50 minutes it ends at the famous monastery of Faneromeni. Ophrys taygetica, a new endemic species of orchid grows in the area.

Anavryti – Agios Ioannis
The small village of Anavryti, is an old craft center connected to numerous walking paths as well as to the European path E4. One of the most impressive and short walking routes passes through the stone path and after an hour walk leads to Agios Ioannis village on the east side of mount Taygetus. The route is 3.5 kilometers long and it passes through a gorge.

Kalyvia Sohas– Soha – Lakkomata – Tsarkos
A stone path starting from Kalyvia Sohas, crosses the spring and the ruined water mill, passes by the church of Zoodochos Pidi (Our Life Giving Lady) and after a two hours walk it ends at Soha, a picturesque stone built settlement with a guest house. The stone path stops outside the village, where it intersects with a second one that leads to Lakkomata after an hour and half. At Lakkomata the path meets the European long distance path E4 that leads from this spot to the mountain shelter of mount Taygetus. If you take the path in the opposite direction, you arrive at a location named Tsarkos, at an elevation of 1700 meters, where lies the Botanic Museum of Taygetus.

Magganiaris spring – Taygetus shelter – Prophitis Ilias summit
Magganiaris spring is located at an elevation of 980 meters at the end of the paved road. That is the starting point for the main path towards the summit of mount Taygetus that passes through the mountain forest. After three hours of trekking, the path meets the water springs of Varvara, a perfect spot to renew your water supplies, and continues to the mountain shelter of Taygetus at an elevation of 1550 meters. Along the way, the path intersects twice with the forest track that connects Magganiaris spring to Pentavloi. The European long distance path E4 that leads to Lakkomata passes through this spot and continues to the summit of Prophitis Ilias, located 2400 meters above sea level. The climbing from Magganiaris spring to the shelter has a 570 meters height difference and lasts 30 minutes. The walk from the shelter to the Prophitis Ilias summit lasts two and a half hours. The total length of the path is 8.5 kilometers and it can be walked in four and a half hours.

Koumousta – Pentavloi / Mountain Shelter of Taygetus
The ecological walking route, which leads to the forest of Pentavloi at an elevation of 1200 meters, begins from the medieval settlement of Koumousta, at an elevation of 750 meters on the slope of Taygetus. It is a beautiful 7 kilometers route that lasts two hours and passes through springs, cascades, and lakes. All along the route, the path intersects with another one that leads to the mountain shelter of Taygetus. The 7 kilometer long route has a duration of three hours. The mountain shelter by Pentavloi can also be reached, where the European long distance path E4 passes.

Koumousta –Golas Monastery
From Koumousta, a medieval village with an elevation of 750 meters, on the slopes of Taygetus, the path leads to Golas Monastery through a beautiful walking route of one and a half hour. The monastery is one of the seven monasteries in Greece that has hagiographies depicting ancient philosophers and the only one in southern Greece. The route has a total length of 3.5 kilometers and 140 meters height difference.


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