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Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kalamata

The Municipal Regional Theatre of Kalamata (DIPETHEK) was founded in 1984 and is one of the most important cultural institutions in the broader region. It has two stages, the Central and the New Stage where, during the winter, plays from the Greek and the global repertoire are staged, as well as plays for children. The winter plays are also staged outside of Kalamata, in the provinces, and some also in Athens. In the summer months, a classical play is staged in the Castle of Kalamata, which during this time participates in the largest theatrical festival in the country.

Alongside the plays themselves, DIPETHEK also organizes parallel activities which aim to acquaint the public with the play, offering a more complete experience. Thus, within the framework of the theatrical performance, speeches, discussions, exhibitions and various other events are also organized.

DIPETHEK aims to bring the broader public into contact both with Greek and with world theatre, offering – together with entertainment – an important educational experience. To date, it has presented over 150 plays from a broad repertoire, and is expected to continue on the same course. There was a serious setback early in 2012, when the building that houses the theatre suddenly caught fire, the cause of which was unknown, resulting in significant damage. Repairs started almost immediately, however, in order to cause the least possible delay in the continuation of its operation.


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