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Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata

The Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata opened in 1985 and is housed in a beautiful, traditional 19th century building, south of the city’s castle. Its premises, which are fully equipped in order to cater to the needs of a modern musical education, have so far welcomed more than 10.000 students, many of whom have received scholarships, awards and other important distinctions. Many distinguished musicians in Greece and abroad have also taught here, some of whom were students of the Conservatory themselves.

More than 500 students study at the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata every year. There are groups for all musical instruments and for various kinds of music, from classical to traditional to Byzantine. The Conservatory is known for its modern teaching methods, which are predominantly focused upon the importance of experiential learning. In this way, apart from the standard teaching of music, the Conservatory also holds educational seminars, lectures, workshops and more, which can be attended not only by students, but also by anyone else who might be interested. The Conservatory also helps organize a plethora of musical events in Kalamata, in collaboration with Greek and foreign cultural associations, such as the Greek National Opera, the Vienna Children’s Choir, the Camerata Orchestra and others. It also holds musical events at the Municipal Cultural Centre and the Regional Municipal Theatre of Kalamata, as well as out in the open, giving the audience the opportunity to become acquainted with the musical and cultural events of Greece and of other countries.


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