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The old mosque, at the entrance of Syntagma square, known as Trianon, is the oldest preserved example of ottoman architecture. It was built by the Turks in the mid-16th century and served as a mosque during the Turkish occupation. During the second Venetian domination, it operated as a cathedral hosting Frankish monks. After the War of Independence, it housed the first generation of Kapodistrian students “Mutual Male Learning School” and, later, the public elementary school. It also operated as a metropolis, county court, theater, conservatoire, but the locals recall it most as the public cinema called “Trianon”. Today, it hosts the Municipal Theater and a hall for cultural and art events.

As you walk down the “Great street” with the magnificent shops, you arrive at the entrance of the paved Syntagma square where, on the left side, the Old mosque of the town, also known as Trianon, stands intact throughout the years.

Built during the Ottoman occupation, in the mid-16th century, by the Turks, it consists of the town’s oldest preserved mosque and a unique example for its time. The architecture is very interesting since it also has elements of byzantine church architecture. It is a rectangular building roofed by a semicircular dome. Its entrance originally had a porch supported by columns and covered by three small domes. Later the colonnade was walled in order to extend the interior space.

In 1687 it was transformed to a catholic church dedicated to Saint Antonio of Padova following a donation from the supreme commander Francisco Morosini to the Franciscan order. In 1828, it housed the Mutual Male Learning School and later, since 1831, the public elementary school. It also operated as a metropolis, county court and since 1915, after some transformation, it hosted the conservatoire and the theater. The locals recall it as the municipal cinema ‘Trianon”, housed in the building since 1930 where most of them had seen their first movies and fell in love for the first time.

Currently, the building operates as a Municipal Theater hosting also the cultural events and art exhibitions of the town.


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