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Within walking distance from the picturesque Nafplio is the seaside village Myloi with the beautiful wide beach that promises you moments of relaxation under the watchful eye of the “Tower of the Princess”.

Lie down on its white pebbles and enjoyed the endless blue that unfolds before you, with view Palamidi. Dive into its crystal clear waters and enjoy every inch of it. Myloi beach and its beautiful harbor are ideal for walks and recreation. Picturesque taverns and coffee shops greet you and welcome you to sit and taste fresh fish, ouzo or your coffee.

Within walking distance from the headquarters of the chieftain Makrygiannis who here in 1825 with his henchman wrote a bright page in Modern History and the springs of Lerna which the legend says lived the mythical monster, Lernaia Ydra which was killed by Heracles, offer history lessons.

If the history lesson bored you, then a little further down taste the delicious traditional souvlaki, a specialty of the village and bid farewell to this area with the best impressions.


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