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The Metropolis of the fortified town of Mystras is located near the entrance of the archaeological museum of the Lower Town. It dates back to the late 13th century (1291-1292) and it initially had the form of a three naved basilica. The church, after various transformations, evolved into a cross-in-square church with five cupolas, a typical example of a late byzantine church.

Three different schools of painting compose the iconographic decoration of Saint Demetrios, following the precepts of Ioannis Damaskinos. The central nave is decorated with hagiographies of the Cycle of Life, the Passions and the Resurrection of Christ. The miracles of Christ are depicted in the rest of the vault. The walls of the narthex are decorated with a depiction of the “Second Coming”. The Double-Headed Eagle, the heraldic device of the Palaiologos dynasty, is depicted in relief on a plaque on the floor, in the center of the church. According to the tradition, the emperor kneeled here in 1449.

The east wing of the church hosts the Museum of Mystras that exhibits a collection of sculptures, holy icons, byzantine objects and fragments removed from various churches.


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