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The idyllic town of Nafplio, is a popular vacation destination all year long, but mostly during the summer. Surrounded by the sea, the town has a variety of organized beaches and small virgin coves. In is endless blue waters, you can swim and practice water sports, relax by the sea in the company of a good book, or enjoy your favorite coffee and walk along the coast.

Besides being the first capital of Greece with great and important history, it is a unique and captivating destination for recreation

The city is tightly connected with the element of the sea, and every summer welcomes thousands of boaters who enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the sea.

If you too live swimming and water sports, then come to Nafplio and enjoy every bit of the amazing blue shore that is designated safe for swimming. Small and large beaches await you to play in their wonderful crystal clear waters.

Five minutes from the town center is the tiny beautiful beach Arvanitias which lie in the shadow of two castles of Palamidi and Acronafplia. It is an organized beach that offers sunbeds, umbrellas etc. that invites you to come lay your towel on its pebbles and become one with the cool waters while enjoying your favorite coffee or juice with the waves beating against the rocks. Accompany your swim with a wonderful afternoon walk in the paved roads that connects the harbor with Arvanitias beach. Inhale the beautiful aromas of the plants that grow on the rock of Upper Nafplio and indulge in the endless blue that unfolds before you.

In close distance, a few kilometers outside the center of Nafplio, is the warm large Karathona beach, which has the latest water sports and many cafes with chairs where you can enjoy whatever you wish. Set up your own umbrella and towel on the golden sand, admire the sea and the islet that rises like a jewel in the middle of the sea and dived into the clear waters. If you like adventure, then choose one of the thousand sea ports and feel the magic.

Under the protective rock of Palamidi, on the dirt road that connects these two beaches, small virgin coves like Neraki enchant you like the Sirens and call you to make a stop and enjoy them. Take your bike or walk through beautiful path combining swimming with hiking.


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