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The annex of the Naflpion National Art Gallery is housed in a listed old manor that dates back to the early 20th century designed by K.P.Chantzaras. Since 2004 and after its renovation and proper arranging by Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, it functions as an Art Gallery.

In the Gallery’s halls is a permanent exhibition divided in 5 sections titled “1821-Figures and Themes from the Greek War of Independence” as well as pieces of art of famous Greek artists, next to which are exhibited sculptures, objects of daily use and warrior weapons. Apart from the permanent exhibition, there is also a rich library and a hall that houses periodic exhibitions.

Very close to the center of Nafplion , in a listed old manor house is the annex of the Nafplion National Art Gallery- Alexandros Soutzos Museum.

This beautiful neoclassical building, that consists of a ground and a first floor, each of them 120 m², was designed by K.P.Chantzaras and built in 1905, information revealed by the built-in marble inscription next to the entrance. Its owner, doctor and a later mayor of the city, George Mineos, used it at first as a residence and private clinic. Over the following years in this building was housed the central office of the 4th Iron Division, the city’s hospital and later the superior administration of the gendarmerie. The last years before its renovation, it operated as a tavern.

In the mid 90’s this place was signed over to the Municipality of Nafplion and in 1997 after an expropriation it was transferred to the National Art Gallery thanks to sr. Apostolos Botsos’, the much esteemed President of the Court of Auditors, mediation, who also came from Nafplion. On May 2004 it started operating as the annex of the National Art Gallery, called Alexandros Soutzos Museum, after the renovation and installation of the needed museum equipment, donated by Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. At present, this annex located in Nafplion is considered one of and the most perfect and well organized peripheral museums in Greece. Its permanent exhibition called “1821-Figures and Themes from the Greek War of Independence” offers the visitor the opportunity to become familiar with pieces of great Greek artists, like Th.Vryzakis,N. Gyzis, Nik. Lytras, Dion. Tsokos etc. Their works approach the historic achievements of the heroes through a humanistic perspective and they take the visitor back to the times of the battles and the Greek heroism.

This permanent exhibition is divided into five sections. The first one called “Scenes from the War of Independence. Battles- Heroes” depicts historic events and figures, the next is called “Dying hero” and after that the visitor sees the “Victorious Fight at sea” through paintings. A large portion of the exhibition shows the “harsh consequences of the war” and the last section is comprised of works that express the tendencies that formed the ideology of the Free State.

Apart from paintings the exhibition also includes sculptures, objects of daily use and warriors’ weapons and all the exhibits work together so harmoniously, that they create a manifold impression to the visitor. However, apart from the permanent exhibition, there is also a great library with art books and scrapbooks and a hall which at times hosts periodic exhibitions. At the same time, various educational programs for schools as well as an art studio for children take place there.

Useful Information

Address: 23 Sidiras Merarchias Str, Nafplion

Telephone: 00302752021915, 21935

Monday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00- 15:00

Wednesday, Friday 10:00-15:00, 17:00-20:00

Every Tuesday Closed

General: 3 Euros

Reduced: 1,5 Euros


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