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The area of Monemvasia, along with the surrounding mountains and the coastline with its steep rocky shores, offer a large variety of habitats integrated in the Natura network. On the higher elevations, the vegetation consists of hardwood forests; the black pine and the cephalonian fir, being the dominant species. Planes and chestnuts, typical of Mediterranean vegetation, grow on the lower layers.

The rock of Monemvasia, in the southern part of the area, forms a rocky landscape that hosts a Venetian castle as well as rare floral elements, endemic plants and an abundant fauna. Numerous species of amphibian reptiles and mammals have been recorded in the area. The most significant, is a endangered turtle species protected under the Bern convention. The habitat also hosts jackals, endemic lizard and snake species such as Louritis, animals pertaining to the Red Book of endangered species. Amphibians, like the common toad and the tree frog, but also reptiles like the Budak’s snaked-eyed skink, are animals integrated to the European CORINE program for protective habitats. The area forms the habitat for the endangered species of Lepus europaeus carpathous (the rabbit of Carpathos Island) but also invertebrate species integrated in the list of European habitats.


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