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The town of Nea Kios was founded by refugees from Cius in Vithynia following their exile from Asia Minor in August of 1922. Historic artifacts, a large tradition, sport installations, picturesque taverns and the crystal sea water compose a beautiful puzzle.

If you seek relaxation, a few kilometers from Nafplio is a calm, yet lively seaside town with great history, New Kios. Built at the Argolic Bay, next to the mouth of Erasinos river, it is a major destination for thousands of tourists.

Coming in this beautiful town you will be enchanted by the strong water element which embraces it from end to end. There is a wide selection of beautiful sandy beaches and quiet corners that wink at you, and welcome you to the clean waters. Here you can swim for hours, enjoy extreme sports and be healed from circulatory diseases.

The beach that stretches from the coastal belt of Nafplio to Nea Kios, you will see kitesurfing from professionals and amateurs. If you too seek the experience, the shallow waters and the wind will help in your first hesitant steps. Additionally, its healing waters renowned throughout the world, offer healing powers to people that suffer from circulatory diseases.

Other beaches as well, in close range from the center of Nea Kio offers ultimate relaxation every summer. Dive into the cool water and then visit the beautiful taverns and ouzo shops to taste fresh fish and local delicacies that only Kiotes know very well serve or drink your drink or coffee in the café shops overlooking the Argolic. Within walking distance Timenou beach with its white pebble calls you to feel its embrace.

Beyond its blue waters, Nea Kios is also famous for its history. Visit the temple of “Theomanas” with its rare historical relics and the “Laskarideio Folk Museum” with its well-kept Ionian tradition and Asia Minor air.

If you get tired from the walking and the swimming, numerous guesthouses and hotels with excellent facilities are waiting to accommodate you and to relax in their beautiful beds.


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