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This fantastic traditional settlement of Mesa Mani was named after Amfianaktas’ son, the mythical hero Oitylos, and according to Homer it constituted part of Menelaus’ kingdom. It is a calm lush green little village with stone tower houses, that combines harmoniously the mountainous and the marine landscape. From the steep Mountain of Mani, OItylo stands surveying the big bay, with an excellent view of the New Oitylo, the haven of the settlement, the picturesque fishing village Limeni, and Karavostasi in the northern part of the bay. In these seaside settlements you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Mani, fresh fish and local laconic wines right by the sea. The rocky beaches of the bay are suitable for spear gun hunting and the big sandy beach of New Oitylo and Karavostasi offer the ideal scene for a delightful swim. The area is perfect for nature hiking Mani, since there are a lot of hiking paths both starting and ending in Karavostasi, the Mylolagkado gorge, Kelefas castle, Panagia Spileotissa and the Cape Tenaro. In Oitylo you can find a plethora of traditional guesthouses offering luxurious lodging in the restored towers of Mani. The Dekoulos monastery, with the church and the well-preserved religious paintings, as well as the tower “Palace” , the first residence of the Mavromichalis’ family at their birthplace Limeni, are worth the visit. In various parts of the settlement and especially around the beach, there are preserved inscriptions and ruins of ancient monuments and it was believed that the temple of Serapis was located there. Nearby are Stoupa and Kardamyli of the Prefecture of Messenia, Areopoli and the Diros’ caves.


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