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The plain of Argolis is full of orange trees, and the intense and unique fragrance invites you to walk and enjoy this fortifying fruit of mother earth.

Oranges are typical of the plain of Argolis. An abundance of this exquisite, vitamin-rich fruit has been produced in the Prefecture of Argolis for almost half a century, representing approximately half of Greece’s total production and providing good health and well-being to the local people and others as well.

While touring the prefecture, you will see orchards decorated with this divine and aromatic fruit – the ‘apple of Hesperides’ – which Hercules once stole to carry out one of his labors.

Just like Hercules of old, you should enter the farms to smell and feel its rich juice in your mouth. You should ask the tireless producers to tell you about its history and you should take a bagful of one of the local varieties for the road. Further down the road, you should also stop and visit some of the fragrant yards of the local houses. You will find hospitable housewives, who will give you various recipes for orange-based desserts. And if you are not into making desserts yourself, you can visit one of the local shops that offer traditional local products and buy some ready-made desserts.


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