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As a tribute to the Despot of Mystras, Constantine Palaiologos , the last emperor of the Byzantine Empire, every year the Municipality of Sparta and the archaeological site of Mystras organize this festival. It is an assortment of religious, sport and various cultural performances that starts in mid- May and includes educational activities like theater, fairy tales, books and games related to Mystras, shooting, cycling and archery races as well as the traditional Palaiologeian race, starting and ending in the statue of Constantine Palaiologos. On the 29th of May, the day Constantinople fell, which is directly connected to the name and fate of the emperor, a prelatic Service at the Metropolis of Saint Demetrios at Mystras takes place and then a memorial service in memory of the great emperor follows. Wreaths are laid in memory of the casualties of the war in Constantinople. The festival ends with concerts related to the byzantine and Modern Greek music, speeches, religious painting exhibitions and other performances that place.


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