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Pefkias Aesthetic Forest is located in the municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini and it expands into Sykia village and the town of Xylokastro. It is a narrow strip of natural pinewood (1760 meters long and 80 to 200 meters wide) which lays along the Corinthian golf covering 243,500 acres. Its natural vegetation (without any human intervention) is composed of various species: Aleppo pines, Mediterranean mastic trees, myrtles, chasteberries, cedars, kermes oak, salt cedars, rough bindweeds, common reeds, soft-hairy rockroses, thyme, and another 17 plants growing in the brackish zone. Pefkias forest was also planted with other species; namely, calabrian pines, stone pines, two species of eucalyptus, maples, white poplar, cypresses, judas trees, bays, strawberry trees, oleanders, carob trees, planes, moon trefoils, Mediterranean buckthorns, common olives, Spanish brooms, Russian olives, maritime pines.

Pefkias aesthetical forest is a very rich botanic garden that contains 83 different species of Greek flora. It is the perfect place to enjoy an evening walk or a coffee in one of the various bars in the area.


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