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Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (P.F.F.)

The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation “V. Papantoniou” was founded in 1974 by the costume and stage designer I. Papantoniou in her father’s honor, B. Papantoniou. Its goal is to study, preserve and present openly the plethora of Greek folklore history. It is considered as one of the most important foundations in Europe and has been awarded the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) in 1981. It has a rich collection of almost 27.000 items that consists of textiles, jewelry, clothes, traditional utensils and musical instruments, children’s toys, and engravings. It also has significant photographic and audiovisual material as a result of its long research. The visitor can admire and enjoy this research and its beneficial results on the ground floor and on the other two stories of the building on V. Alexandrou 1 Street. The foundation has also published books, cards, posters, calendars and compact discs with traditional greek music

At the historic center of the city of Nafplion and near the port stands the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation “V. Papantoniou”. The PFF was founded in 1974 by the costume and stage designer Ioanna Papantoniou in her father’s, V. Papantoniou, honor and it is housed in a neoclassical building that dates back to the early 20th century (approximately in 1930) and used to be V.Papantoniou’ s residence. The PFF functions as a guardian of Greek folklore tradition, of the manners and customs that appear in every place in Greece and in broad outline it tries to reveal the rich Greek folklore to the general public. The significance of its work and contribution to the culture is depicted in the award it gained in 1981, the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) during the exhibition called: “The Production, Elaboration and Use of Natural Fibres in Greece”.

On the ground floor and the other two floors, in an area of 600m² in total, almost the entire folklore wealth of the country is revealed. In the 27.000 collections of the foundation are included items like clothes, embroidery, textiles, traditional utensils, old maps of the city, musical instruments, items related to the folklore theater etc. Some of these collections include older objects, for example the collection of Coptic Art with clavi( embroidered strips) and segmentae(squares or roundels) from Egyptian victories of the 6th century B.C. There is also a gift shop on the ground floor, which sells books, cards, posters, calendars, CDs of traditional Greek music and the magazines named “ Ethnografika” and “Endymatologika”.

In the PFF great collections have been hosted from time to time, like the collection “Peloponnesian costumes” in 1974 and the collection “PFF’s best” in 1999 in order to celebrate the 25 years since the opening of the foundation. Since 2006, at the renovated space of the building an exhibition is presented about “Greek town: Nafplion 1822-1922”, an exhibition mostly about Naflpion and the outskirts. Apart from all these, PFF has also organized various exhibitions in other cities in Greece and abroad.

In 1989 the PFF, in an attempt to show its interest for children, founded “STATHMOS”, the first Greek Children’s Museum in the old depot of the Nafplion railroad station. In this museum are different objects related to child from the birth to adolescence but also an important collection named “Dolls in Greek local costumes” inspired and organized by Fani Kazes. A sculpted toy made by the sculptor M. Loisidou called “Plaggona”, based on ancient Greek and Medieval models decorates the yard of the museum.

Moreover, the foundation has a rich library with over 10.000 titles of books and 300 magazines, located diagonally across the Museum, as well as a dance group and a research center.

Useful Information

Address:1 Vasileos Alexandrou Str. ,Nafplion

Telephone: +0030 2752028947, 28379

Everyday 09:00-14:30

Tuesday closed

General: 2 Euros

For children under 12 and members of the International Council of Museums

(ICOM) free entrance.

Museum tour: 2 Euros per person


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