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Petalidi is built in the location of the Homeric town of Aipeia, in the heart of the Messinian Gulf, at a distance of a merely few kilometres from Kalamata. It is a lovely village that has been substantially developed over the last few years. Archaeological findings in the area from the prehistoric era, as well as from historical times, most of which are housed in the Museum of Kalamata, attest to its continuous inhabitation, while relics from the sites around the settlement are equally interesting. The area produces olives, olive oil, figs, citrus, vegetables, grapes and wine, while being the perfect summer holiday destination, since the sea is crystal clear, it has an excellent tourist infrastructure and the nearby attractions are among the most significant of the region of Messinia.

Twenty six kilometres from Kalamata, on the way to Koroni, the road leads to Petalidi, which abounds with olive and fig trees. The one-time fishing village, which has been built near the location of the Homeric city Aepeia, in the cove of the Messinian bay, in a beautiful location, has developed touristically during recent years, with ample accommodation facilities, many restaurants and taverns, as well as a port for sailing and fishing boats.

The area’s archaeological findings, from prehistoric and also historic times, most of which are kept in the Museum of Kalamata (carved stones, marble columns, inscriptions, statue fragments, sarcofaghi etc.), testify to the area’s constant habitation; also of interest are the ruins found at the archaeological sites around the settlement. North of Petalidi archaeological findings of the Middle Helladic and also the Early Helladic period have come to light. In the area one will also find the Byzantine churches of Zoodochos Pighi and Aghios Nikolaos.

The houses that reach the seafront and the small bays where the lush Messinian vegetation ends, the shady square with its impressive church and the nearby Kalamaki, with its beautiful beach, also Chrani and Episkopi, which are always surrounded by lush vegetation, become destinations that offer variety to your beautiful stay in Petalidi. Kalamata, also, always vibrant and with many cultural events during the summer months, as well as the more quiet areas, all the way to Koroni, at the western side of the Messinian bay, will satisfy even the most demanding of visitors.

The area produces olives, olive oil, figs, citrus fruits, various horticultural products, raisins and wine; it is an ideal summer destination, since the sea is amazing, the facilities modern and the sights in the surrounding area of the most important in Messinia.


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