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Poulithra is located a little further to the south from Plaka, which is the seaport of Leonidio. It is a coastal, holiday resort built at the foot of Mount Parnon with a small scenic port and a pebbly beach. The verdant natural landscape towards the mainland and the crystal clear sea provide the backdrop for the hotels and the taverns that welcome the holidaymakers. The ancient ruins in Vrasies and Polichni and the lovely villages of Peleta, Amygdalia, Vlisidia, Kounoupia, Houni and Marion, which are built amidst the pristine wild natural landscape, can satisfy any preference, since they combine the mountain, the sea and various antiquities in a rare and very peculiar area with a rich historical and folkloric tradition, like that of Tsakonia.

Poulithra, located to the south of Leonidio’s port, Plaka, is a seaside settlement ideal for vacations. The lush natural environment toward the mainland, as well as the sparkling clean sea create the backdrop to the lodgings and the small taverns that welcome the vacationers. At the edge of mountain Parnonas, with a picturesque small port and a pebbled beach, Poulithra also becomes the starting point whence you can visit the sights in the area, such as the ancient ruins in Vrasies or Prasies, the most important city of ancient Kynouria, which served at the Lacedaimonians’ port. The archaeological findings in the surrounding area (for example the acropolis in Polichni) testify to the fact that Prasies was the centre of the peripheral settlements that developed all throughout antiquity. The villages Amygdalia, Pigadi, Peleta, Kounoupia, Chouni, Vlissidia and Mari(on) are located on the way to the mainland, hidden within the wild virginal mountainous landscape. In Amygdalia there are nice, stone-built houses and from Pigadi there is a road leading down to Fokianos beach, which is surrounded by greenery. In Peleta, a well-known village, you must definitely taste their famous wine. The picturesque Mari, which has been inhabited since ancient times, is full of flowing waters and Kounoupia is surrounded by a fir forest.

On a different route, leading from Leonidio to the mainland and the amazing historic village of Kosmas, with the enormous plane trees in the square with the fountains and the tempting coffee shops and taverns next to the art gallery, the library and the folklore collection, perched on the rocks we will find: the Monastery of Aghios Nikolaos of Sintza, the Monastery of Aghii Taxiarches of Mouria and the well-known Monastery of Elona, with the miraculous icon of the Panaghia and the splendid festival on August 15.

The area is also great for hiking, thus catering to all needs of the visitors who want to combine mountain, sea and antiquities in a rare environment, rich in historic and folklore tradition, as is that of Tsakonia.


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