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Residence of General D. Tsokris

Built in 1827, the two-floor manor of Demetrios Tsokris is one of the most beautiful and old neoclassical buildings of the city of Argos. The ground floor served as storehouse, while the residence was on the first floor. The triangular fronts on the tiled roof, the balcony decorated with ancient reliefs, the meanders decorating the frieze, the well preserved wooden staircase, and the 19th century furniture offer a nostalgic journey to the past.

The residence of General D. Tsokris, listed as a landmark since 1965, is one of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings of Argos. The two floor stone mansion was built in 1827 to house the family of General D. Tsokris. The Π shaped building was situated in the center of a large, fertile garden, harmoniously set inits surrounding landscape. The first floor served as the General’s main house while the ground floor was used mainly as store room.

Its tiled roof ends into triangular gables while a frieze ornamented with meanders surrounds the building. On the first floor, decorated by neoclassical balusters, the large deck is supported by two columns creating a large porch on the ground floor. Two magnificent ancient walled reliefs are located on both sides of the porch.

The interior decoration is simple, characterized by geometrical schemes. A wooden staircase on the hallway leads to the first floor where you can admire the preserved 19th century furniture which one entertained great personalities. Several of the General’s valuable personal objects are displayed in glass show cases at the Town hall meeting room.


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