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Sainopoulio Festival

Every year, at the Sainopouleio Amphitheatre a rich cultural summer takes place with theatrical performances, concerts and other events. Since 1988, when the festival first started, the theater orchestra has hosted the greatest cultural foundations and institutions of Greece with very important foreign musicians and actors as well as significant artists from all over the world. The organizers are the Sainopouleio Foundation, the former Municipality of Sparta, the Local Union of Municipalities and Communities, the Organization for Cultural Development in the Prefecture of Laconia (OPANAL) and the former Municipality of Mystras, while the Cultural Center of Sparta (Pneymatiki Estia) also takes part. The events are organized from June until August at the Sainopouleio amphitheatre that is located at 5th kilometer of the Greek National Road of Sparta (E082).


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