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The metropolitan church of Saint Paul, protector of the city, was built after the catastrophic earthquake of 1928 in Corinth. Paul the Apostle visited the city three times and his epistles to the Corinthians provide us with the best insight into the life of the early Christian community. They are exquisite examples of the Christian speech.

Only a bell tower remains from the old church, which was replaced by a three nave basilica. The metropolitan church was founded by Paul the Apostle in 51-52 A.D. Epistles exist that attest to the Saint’s intervention to solve administrative problems regarding the viability of the church.

The interior surface of the church is 800 square meters. It is a late byzantine domed basilica. On the east side of the entrance stands the bust of Archbishop Michael and on the west side there is a mausoleum. The modern church was founded on June 29th, 1936, on the feast day of Apostles Peter and Paul, by the archbishop Damaskinos and the Prime Minister of Greece, P. Tsaldaris.


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