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The Battle of Valtetsi – Celebrations

The historic battle of Valtetsi took place on 12-13 May 1821 and was one of the most decisive fights in the Greek Revolution. The Greek victory led to the fall of Tripolitsa, which essentially paved the way for the final liberation of the Greeks from the Turkish yoke.

The celebrations for the battle of Valtetsi take place every year in the homonymous town, paying tribute to the heroic victory of the Greeks and to the people who died giving their heart, body and soul to the Struggle. The entire city is filled with Greek flags at the beginning of the celebrations, while a Doxology is chanted in the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Valtetsi. Then there is a memorial service at the Tomb of the Heroes, which is followed by a celebratory speech, a wreath laying ceremony and one minute’s silence for the dead. After that, there is a parade with students, dance clubs and other delegations that wear traditional costumes. The celebrations end in the main square with the recitation of poems by students and with traditional dances by the respective associations.


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