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Nestor was the famous king of Pylos and one of the best known heroes of the Homeric epics. His name is inextricably linked to Pylos, and the findings that have come to light prove that this person did in fact exist and was not a figment of someone’s imagination.

The ever-beautiful Palaiokastro is built upon a slope, on Cape Koryfasio, in the spectacular bay of Voidokoilia. The so-called Cave of Nestor is situated a little further down. The cave was already being used from the Neolithic era (7,000 – 6,500 BC) and according to various findings, a settlement flourished here from the Early Helladic era (2,000 BC), which seems to have been a major residential hub.

The cave is divided in two chambers. On the ceiling of the larger one there is an opening that communicates with Palaiokastro. According to Pausanias, this cave was used as the Homeric king’s stables, and his residence had to be close by.


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