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The fragrant land of Argos invites you to take a tour and taste its unique fruits. The melons and apricots of Argos will enchant you with their taste.

While wandering through Argolis, in the historic and highly fertile land of Argos in particular, looking for the roads of Danaus, you should taste the luscious melons of Argos, which ripen a little later than other varieties. Their distinct, peculiar elongated shape, rich aroma and dark orange color will leave you yearning to taste them. And as soon as you taste their unique flavor, you will not be able to put them down. Combine them with local ice-cream to feel like an Olympian god.

Apart from its melons, however, Argos is also famous for apricots. Their characteristic flavor and unique fragrance will tempt you to buy as many as you can. You should visit local traditional stores and enjoy apricots and handmade jams made by local housewives in the Prefecture of Argolis. These incredible jams, combined with hot traditional bread, will make your breakfast unforgettable.


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