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Come to Lygourio, Epidaurus and try the extra virgin olive oil, which has a protected designation of origin (PDO) and gives you good health and longevity.

When you visit Lygourio in the Municipality of Epidaurus, you will see thousands of acres of olive trees surrounding the paths of the ancient inhabitants and covering the land that attracts thousands of visitors to the most important ancient theater. The local environmental conditions, coupled with the passion of the local olive oil producers, are the secret behind an olive oil unequalled in flavor and one of the most delicious olive oils in Europe, for which a protected designation of origin (PDO) has been secured.

You should enter one of the dozens of olive oil mills and taste the extra virgin oil with it wonderfully fragrant taste – produced from the Manaki olive variety – accompanied by toasted bread. Sit down with the kind-hearted producers and listen to the history of the olive tree. Then leave enchanted and keep the memories of this beautiful place close to your heart forever.

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