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The Kalamata Flower Show

The first Kalamata Flower Show took place on 23-27 May 2012. The show was hosted in the Municipal Railway Park, which is an innovative open-air museum located near the city centre. The main purpose of this show, as a new institution, was to promote the production of floriculture species, along with various related creative leisure activities.

Many producers of floriculture and vegetable species, florists, agronomy shops, garden irrigation products shops and nurseries participated in the show, while visitors had the opportunity to check out and buy a wide range of products, like plants, seeds, fertilizers, garden irrigation material, garden structures and much more. Many other events were organized along with the exhibition, with entertaining and educational content, like the Folk Music Night and the Jazz Night by students of the Kalamata Municipal Conservatory, the ceramics exhibition from the School of Plastic Arts, FARIS, as well as presentations of the activities of various associations and clubs, like the Kalamata Centre of Environmental Education, the Samaritans, the Greek Speleological Society and others.

The show is open daily from 09.00am-13.00pm and from 17.00pm-23.00pm, with free entrance for all visitors.

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