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The Liberation of Tripolitsa – Celebrations

On September 23rd, 1821, the rebellious Greeks won a significant victory against the Turks, which led the way to the final liberation of Greece from the Turkish yoke. The siege and the fall of Tripolitsa was an idea earlier conceived by the great chieftain Theodoros Kolokotronis, because he calculated that this would be a heavy blow for the Turks and would certainly give a major advantage to the Greeks, since Tripolitsa was the administrative hub of the Ottoman Empire in Morias (the Peloponnese) and home to probably half of the Turkish population of the district. The siege of Tripolitsa was decided on April 1821 and began the following month.

Life for the Turks gradually became more and more difficult, as food stocks ran out and the population reached its limits. A Turkish attack during August failed and a month later the Greeks managed to invade the city and, after suffering significant losses, to take it over.

The anniversary of the heroic liberation of Tripolitsa is gloriously honoured every year with events that go on for many days in the presence of high officials and a massive crowd. These celebrations include a Divine Liturgy and an Archieratical Doxology held in the Cathedral of Agios Vasileios of Tripolis, a celebratory speech, a memorial service and a wreath-laying ceremony in the tomb of the Bishops and dignitaries, a parade in the centre of Tripolitsa and finally, traditional dancing in the main square.


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