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The pomegranate is a plant that symbolizes good luck and fertility and has a long history. In ancient times it was devoted to the goddess Hera. In our day, you can enjoy pomegranates in the land of Ermioni.

When walking on the Ermioni plane, it is impossible to ignore the extensive pomegranate orchards. Pomegranates abound in the broader region. The land is painted bright red in the fall and entices you to stop for a while.

The pomegranates of Ermioni are famous and well-known for their beneficial properties from ancient times. Famous scientists such as Hippocrates, Galen and others praised their healing properties.

Enter the Ermioni plain and ask the friendly producers to treat you to some pomegranates from their trees. They will certainly refresh you. Buy some bright red pomegranates and use them in salads and other dishes to explore new culinary avenues, or just smash them at a wedding or on New Year’s Eve for good luck, observing an ancient-long tradition.


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