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“The Routes of the Olive Tree” – Messinia

“The Routes of the Olive Tree” is a cultural, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Kalamata. Its activities began in 1998, with the aim of promoting the culture of the olive through a series of activities and collaborations.

The starting point was ancient Pylos; not a random choice, given that the area abounds with testimonies regarding the presence of the olive in Greece since ancient times. The one responsible for this initiative was the President of the Chamber of Messinia George Karabatos, with the support of many others who share an affinity for the olive and for motorcycles. This initiative of theirs managed to bring the Mediterranean countries together into a single network, where the common denominator was the cultivation of the olive as well as an interest in its diffusion.

Since then, the Routes of the Olive Tree have organized many events and have secured a plethora of international distinctions, such that of the “International Cultural Itinerary” by UNESCO in 2003 and the “Great European Cultural Itinerary” by the European Council in 2006.


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