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The Spetses Armata [the burning of the Ottoman flagship]: a spectacular, unforgettable show

This is an event that commemorates the burning of the Ottoman flagship during the Greek revolution against Ottoman oppression. It is held every September on the historic island of Spetses. It includes a number of happenings relating to the heroic events of September 1822. The show reaches a climax with the re-enactment of the burning of the Ottoman flagship. Visit the picturesque harbor of Spetses to enjoy the show and experience a memorable custom. The island of Captain Bouboulina is waiting for you.

A set of historic and impressive events are organized every year, during the second week of September, on the heroic island of Spetses, home to Captain Bouboulina. The events last for one week, their main theme being the struggles of September 1822, when Kosmas Barbaratsis of Spetses, along with other Greeks, set fire to the Ottoman flagship.

During this period there are art exhibitions, plays, lectures, as well as religious and music and dance events featuring important Greek singers and traditional dance companies. Undoubtedly, however, the highlight of the program is the re-enactment of the burning of the Ottoman flagship. You can watch it from the pier in the harbor or from a boat just out to sea.

This impressive historic event is opened by the Hellenic Navy band and a speech given by the Mayor. The show is accompanied by a melodious narrative of the historic events given by the host of the show, which will take you back to a time when the fearless and courageous Greek captains made their own contribution towards the Greek Revolution of 1821. An effigy of the Ottoman flagship will then be set on fire, the sirens will be sounded to proclaim the victory and the sky of Spetses will be filled with thousands of fireworks. The beauty of the island, the sweet climate of September and the Armata show itself make Spetses a top travel destination during this period. So, you will have to plan your visit quite early, so you can enjoy yourself and relax.


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