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The wetland of Moustos is located approximately 2 kilometres south of Astros, just before the villages of Leonidio and Tyros. This is a natural setting of exceptional beauty and enormous environmental importance. Allegedly, it got its name because of an old harbour in seaside Astros where they would load grape must (hence Moustos), since the wider area was indeed known for its viticulture.

The wetland consists of a small lake and a swamp, while two artificial channels connect it to the sea. The main channel, which flows into the area of Kazarba, was constructed by Bavarian engineers during the reign of King Otto. The lake is supplied by a spring with saline water. The spring’s waters are thermal, and this is just one of the reasons the area attracts many visitors during the summer, who come here for therapeutic reasons. The area around the lake is ideal for hiking. The natural beauty of the landscape is just indescribable.

The lake has rich flora and fauna, while, during emigration, many species of migratory birds find refuge here, like moorhens, wild ducks, swans, herons, coots and many more. The wetland is the home of various aquatic birds, reptiles, fish, eels and even the Caretta-Caretta turtles. The area has been declared a protected zone and is included in the European Network Natura 2000.


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