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The windmills of Tyros

Tyros is a beautiful village in the prefecture of Arcadia, about 75 kilometres from the city of Tripolis. It’s located on the slopes of Mount Parnon and extends in 3 settlements which are built near the sea, as well as on the mountain, something that makes this area a dreamy destination throughout the year.

One of the attractions of the village is the windmills, which are built at the eastern foot of a hill where the acropolis of Tyros once stood, and is currently named Kastro. These were constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and were very useful, especially during the German occupation, when a sack of flour was considered a precious commodity.

The windmills were built by Kranidiotis Poulis and initially belonged to Giorgos Mastorakis, Ioannis Paraskevas and Christos Zarokostas, while later they were bought by Nikolas, Panagiotis and Kostas Mastorakis. On the hill of Ano Tyros there once stood an even older windmill, constructed at the end of the 19th century by Elias Politis. However, apparently, this location was not well chosen, because there was never any wind blowing there. So, gradually it was abandoned and the owner sold the equipment to Giorgos Mastorakis so he could use it in his own mill. However, the cylindrical frame still stands in that same location.

The other three windmills later had the fate of the older one. Around 1955 they stopped using them as a result of the industrialization and automation of every productive operation. However, these mills still stand to this day, gazing at the village, silent observers of time.


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