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Thermisia is a village surrounded by orchards and fruit fields with beautiful, clean and tranquil beaches. Close to cosmopolitan destinations, it invites you to a calm summer vacation. The green color of the orchards is harmoniously combined with the sea’s deep blue forming a picturesque landscape. Have a swim, taste the fresh fish at the local taverns and escape to the nearby villages enjoying every single moment of your summer vacation.

Within close distance from Ermioni and opposite the famous Hydra is the outstanding beauty of the Thermissia village engulfed with aromatic orchards full of citrus, apricots and olives. It is rademarked by its Venetian castle and Lagoon, a tourist attraction that attracts many tourists that want to escape to quieter places.

Beautiful, blue and quiet beaches beckon you and welcome you to the settlement, to enjoy your favorite activities. Swim in the cool water, enjoy windsurfing and fish for hours. Visit the picturesque Sabariza with its taverns that are “embroidered” along the coast and taste fresh fish. Within walking distance from the beach large hotel are waiting with open arms to offer you royal stay.

Additionally, in close distance from the village cosmopolitan and quiet beaches offer you unforgettable moments. Come to the beaches of Porto Hydra, Pigadia, Solinari and Metoxi and completed your tour in this beautiful area.


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