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Tyros is located in Kynouria, approximately 21 kilometres south of Astros, near the ancient temple of Apollo Tyrita. It is a beautiful holiday resort, consisting of Ano Tyros, which is built on the verdant slopes of Mount Parnon; Kato Tyros, a little further down, and the Beach of Tyros, which lies by the crystal clear waters of the Myrtoon Sea. The Beach of Tyros has an excellent tourist infrastructure, and is ideal for swimming. There is lush vegetation along the mainland and a small open-air theatre for summer cultural events, while the Easter festivals and celebrations follow many of the unique traditions and customs of Tsakonia. This scenic coastal village is close to many lovely coves and incredible beaches, as well as to the villages of Kryoneri, Tserfos and Zaritsi. The traditional settlement of Sapounakaiika, where there are remnants of an ancient castle, is located a little further to the south from the beach of Tyros. Ano Tyros is built amphitheatrically, overlooking the sea, while a mountainous trail will certainly lead you to unforgettable hiking experiences.

Tyros in Kynouria, 21 km. south of Astros –near the ancient sanctuary of Apollo Tyritas, who was worshipped with that name as the patron of dairy and cheese production–, is a beautiful area for vacations, comprising Ano Tyros, on the verdant slopes of Parnonas, Kato Tyros, a little lower, and the beach of Tyros, which rests on the beautiful waters of the Mirtoon sea.

Ano Tyros, amphitheatrically built with beautiful stone houses, gazes out to the sea, while a mountainous trail leads to splendid hiking experiences towards the Paleochori plateau. On the Oriontas mountain, at an altitude of 1,000 m., you will find the ruins of a medieval castle.

The beach of Tyros, with ample tourist facilities, has a vast coast –almost 2 km long– excellent for swimming, lush vegetation in the mainland, and also a small theatre for cultural events during the summer. Many beautiful beaches are also ideal for snorkeling or for a quiet swim (Trikeri, Tigani), and in the mainland there are caves (Fournos) and caverns (Desse).

Picturesque inlets and lacy coasts, Kryoneri, Tserfos, Zaritsi, can be found near the coastal village. South of the beach of Tyros, at the traditional settlement of Sapounakeeika, we can still see in the location of Kastro fragments of an ancient castle (3d century A.D.), which is probably identified with the ancient city of Tyros, the archaeological findings of which are kept in the Town Hall of Leonidio.

Tyros and the surrounding villages belong to Tsakonia, this special area with the indigenous people, possibly descendants of the Dorians; isolated, they maintained the Doric dialect, their proud sense of freedom and their customs. It is worth mentioning that the festivals and the Easter celebrations preserve many of the special customs of Tsakonia, which was always independent, either during Roman or Ottoman rule, while during medieval times large parts of it belonged to the Byzantine family of the Melissini. In the summer you must definitely visit the “Tsakonian eggplant festivals”.


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