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Ververonda lagoon was formed after the 2nd century A. D. and had kept its lagoon like characteristic until the mid-20th century when the construction of two artificial channels permitted the exchange of water with the open bay. At present, it is an ideal spot for alternative tourism. Migratory birds find shelter in the lagoon’s medicinal waters.

Ververonda lagoon is located at a close distance from the cosmopolitan town of Porto-Heli, a popular spot for famous tourists. It is a site of outstanding beauty included in the European network “CORINE BIO-TOPS”. According to the legend, the lagoon took its name from Berber pirates who found refuge in the area several centuries ago.

Its healing waters are valuable remedy for rheumatisms, arthritis and numerous other ailments. Plunge into the crystal clear waters and enjoy your favorite water sport or scuba dive. The lagoon is also the ideal spot for fishing as it offers a large variety of fish species.

The picturesque country church of Panagitsa adds to the serene and beautiful natural monument. The area is a breeding site for migratory birds that create their nests all along the lagoon’s shores.


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