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Voidokilia is a legendary sandy beach, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, with white sand and blue cool waters. You will recognize it from the natural semicircle it forms, as if drawn with a pair of compasses. Voidokilia provides no amenities, like beach umbrellas or bars. It is reached via a dirt road from Petrochori or a footpath from Divari and the Gialova Lagoon. Its name dates back to Homer’s time. Homer referred to it in his epic poems as Voufras (vous means ox), a name that sounds like Voidokilia. It is presumed that it was at this beach that Telemachus’ vessel arrived from Ithaca, when the young man wanted to learn of Ulysses’ fate from Nestor, the King of Pylos.

After a ‘legendary’ swim, you can follow a short, marked path which runs next to the beach and climb to the top of the northern hill of Voidokilia.

You will find a vaulted tomb there, which, according to Pausanias, belonged to Thrasymedes, son of Nestor. It was built on early Helladic ruins and is surrounded by other tombs. The archaeological site, which was excavated by Spyros Marinatos in 1950, is fenced off, but the tomb is visible from a distance. If you walk to the end of the tomb, around the fence, you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Voidokilia from up high


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