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Wine and Grape Harvest Celebration: because grapes are a feast in themselves

Wine and Grape Harvest Celebration: because grapes are a feast in themselves
If you are a wine enthusiast, you should come and enjoy the famous Wine and Grape Harvest Celebration held in early September in Iliokastron, Ermionida and Malantreni, Argos. There will be plenty of wine accompanied by music and dance.

A special wine has been produced for ages from the vineyards growing in the fertile land of Ermionida and Argos, thanks to the knowledge, love and experience of the local people and the favorable weather conditions. This beautiful and special grape harvesting experience and the overall wine-making process are celebrated with fun but also respect in Karakasi, Ermionida and in the mountainous village of Malantreni, Argos.

With the aim of reviving age-old wine traditions, a special wine festival is organized in early September in Karakasi (Iliokastron), Ermionida, which has been famous for its sweet wine since ancient times. A re-enactment of nighttime grape harvesting is held, in which entire families take part, loading grape-filled baskets on donkeys headed for the wine presses. There are also recitations relating to vineyards and wine. And then, at some moment, fireworks turn the night into day. In the folk feast that follows, you can enjoy lots of wine and dance heartily till the break of dawn.

In Malantreni, which is filled with the scent of must and grape juice, the village’s cultural association, in cooperation with the Municipality of Argos and Mycenae, organizes the Grape Harvest Celebration in early September every year. Here you can enjoy the quality wine of Malantreni and the unique dishes generously provided by its hospitable residents, at a large folk feast with dances performed by the local dance company and songs to entertain you till morning.

You can combine the celebration with visits to local wineries, to see firsthand how one of the finest Greek wines is made.


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