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Ziria Music Festival

The second to last weekend of August at Ziria Athletic Centre, above Ano Trikala, a two-day musical meeting, the Ziria Music Festival “Nikos Doikas,” is organized every year.

High up in the mountains, right in the heart of Natura 2000, between Great and Little Ziria, nature and music meet, 1600 meters above sea level. It was here that where Hermes built the world’s first musical instrument, a lyre and gave it as a present to Apollo.

This festival started as a party a few years ago and progressively transformed into a joint effort from volunteers and professionals in the area. During the two-day festival, visitors can become familiar with the area since hiking in the ravine of Flabouritsa and descent down the Cave of Hermes, with a qualified guide from the Hellenic Speleological and Exploration club take place.

The concert area extends over several hectares and has a slight slope. Your desire will definitely force you to camp there. The area is cleared of weeds to facilitate the camping, but do not forget that this is a protected area. Fires are not allowed and you are obligated to respect the environment. Either way, the starry sky is so fascinating that you will not need additional lighting.

Basic food supplies are provided at Ziria Athletic Centre, however if you’re looking for something else the nearby villages offer abundant choices.

You should also keep in mind that the mountain sun is strong during the day, but at night the temperature is lower than it is in the plain. You will need special equipment and clothing in order to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Entrance is free and access is easy since it is only ten minutes from Ano Trikala by car.


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